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Do you know what Digital Customer Experience is?



Digital Customer Experience is the set of interactions that the customer can perform with a particular company, through an online environment. The Digital Experience can be a determining factor for a customer to buy or not a product or service from your company, for him to indicate, or not your services, and for the loyalty of that customer. 

The Digital Experience is not just for digital-only companies, and needs to be part of a company's sales strategy, after all, the world today is online (the metaverse that says, huh?!), People are always on social networks, and it is through the internet that most negotiations and sales take place. It is necessary, first of all, to think about the entire digital journey that your customer will have until reaching the final service, and to score what needs to be improved and what does not work. 

The usability of your means of communication and online sales needs to be light and efficient. Until the end point, whether in service, or in a sale, the customer goes through a whole journey, small or large. It can be simply entering your company's website and clicking ''buy'', or seeing an ad, clicking, going to the company's social networks, and then going to the website, for example. It doesn't matter if that journey is long or short, it matters that it is clear, so that the customer knows exactly where they are clicking, what they are doing, where that page will take them... customers are increasingly demanding, and taking this into account, the digital experience needs to be as simple and fast as possible. 

Besides taking care of the digital journey, in fact, customer service is a sector that is always left a little aside in companies, and this is a huge mistake. About any problem during the digital experience, or about any service or product, it is with the support team that customers will talk. This team needs to be prepared to solve problems calmly, quickly and efficiently. The company's communication needs to be unified, the online service channels need to be fast and practical, and most important of all, it is necessary to understand that customers are not equal, and it is necessary to have a waist game in some situations, so the importance of a good preparation of the service team. 

Most important of all, it's about fit. Not every customer is the same, and not all customers will have the same difficulties. What we see most around with technological advancement, are companies leaving all processes to be carried out online, by the customer, and not offering support to customers who have certain difficulties with the digital world. Experiences like this frustrate and alienate customers from a company. Elderly people and people with some kind of disability go through this daily, and it is important to provide a good digital experience to all your customers, respecting the particularities of each one. 

Just as customers are not the same, neither are companies, so there is no recipe for ''how to promote an excellent digital experience'', as each situation is unique, and working with individuality is what makes the difference. Always try to go through your customer's entire digital journey and understand the mistakes and failures, and what can be improved and updated. This way, you ensure that your customers will get where they want to go, without stones in the way.

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