Low-code, No-code and Microservices

Rapidly develop, deploy, and evolve applications with your business DNA and strategy.

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Rapidly develop, deploy, and evolve applications with your business DNA and strategy.

Many companies are still plastered because they follow the business rule of their platforms and apps, it's wrong! SmartDev, is the set of offerings that deliver solutions, platforms, applications, apps, systems, processes and frameworks that pursue your strategy and help teams increase productivity.

In addition to agility and expertise, our teams are guided to achieve

+30% cost reduction
+43 increase in time to market
+70 productivity growth.

The focus is on having technological independence and flexibility to respond quickly.

Organizations are increasingly adopting LCAPs(Enterprise Low-Code Platforms) to allow the IT and business teams to merge to quickly deliver new solutions and modernize the organization's resources.

To stay competitive you need high availability and scalability. Prevent potential disasters with maximum security in your applications, designed according to the business strategies and journeys of your customers.

Deployment and implementation of Low-code Platforms

Cost reduction, both in the short, medium and long term

Technological, language, and database flexibility

Specialized Consulting

Are you ready? Then get acquainted with the journey.

SmartDev allows for high performance and speed during development, without losing high availability, scalability, and modulation because it is based on a microservices architecture that is easy to patch and adjust.

The journey is:

Optimize Costs: replacing time-consuming and complex systems with versions oriented to your business strategy

Ensure user experience: Attend to your consumer's journey with ownership and particularity.

Focus on business strategies: Optimize the IT cost of offerings following the organization's business strategy.

Ensure competitiveness: spend less time and cost to deliver new offers, accelerating the purchase journey.


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