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Cloud, CSB and CSP

Scalability, flexible governance, intelligent infrastructure, and increased competitiveness.

Freedom to achieve the best results for your company

The cloud has changed everything and there is a way for organizations to take advantage of it the right way, the SmartCloud. This set of solutions delivers a complete repository for enterprises to start their first cloud operations and guides them through orchestrating their IT to meet business strategies. The right and most attractive path is to have the cloud implemented according to the organization's objective and with a focus on reducing TCO, increasing ROI, and ensuring that there is an increase in the margin of the offerings.

+40% in TCO reduction
+30 ROI increase
+10 profit margin growth

Not in the cloud, losing out to competitors

Cloud computing, or simply cloud, is the delivery of IT resources on demand and you only pay for what you consume. The solution emerged as an alternative to buying and maintaining data centers and physical servers. With the cloud, you can have technology services anywhere in the capacity you need, be it storage, databases, development tools, network resources, and more, and over time use it strategically to increase margin and differentiate your portfolio.

Have scalability and agility
Pay only for consumption
Expand Security
Increase portfolio capacity
Have more business intelligence
Access everything from anywhere

It's already in the cloud, it's time to use it as a business tool.

Orchestrate your hybrid, private and public infrastructures with full autonomy. With exponential growth in recent years, few know how to make the most of the cloud and have failed to highlight their companies as leaders in their segment.

With GWCloud it is easy to ensure that cloud providers and solutions will be the most appropriate to ensure competitiveness among its competitors and there will be highlight and agile delivery of the portfolio with real value and the identity of the organization based on flexibility and profit margin growth.

Collection and payment automation
Role-based access controls
Application and user provisioning and administration
Identity management and policy
Creating customised reports

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