Customer Relationship BPO

Assertive, efficient, and persuasive customer relations.

Communication has become one of the most converting revenue generators, and here there is only investment after a guaranteed return, success fee.

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Pay to try to conquer, retain, activate or receive debts? Get to know our success fee and pay for what you get.

Using Artificial Intelligence and an Omnichannel strategy, the SmartClient journey replaces human labor with robotization to attract, convert, retain and charge new or current customers.

It is possible to convert the limitations of a sales/relationship agent to multiple or thousands of contacts per minute, fully automated and targeted, offering a complete and personalized customer experience and increasing satisfaction levels.

In our model, it only exists by paying when it exists:

Attracting new customers
Increased retention rate of current customers
Improved customer relationship and satisfaction
Reduction of Bad Debt
Increased upsell rate

Communication strategy, efficiency and persuasiveness.

A strategic solution for customer relationship that uses four pillars: artificial intelligence, robotization, omnichannel, and customer behavior.

Deliver the message in an assertive way to your customer base or prospects, and thus achieve a higher conversion rate in your relationship, upsell, and brand awareness actions.

+15% increase in customer activation

+30% increase in revenue

100% capillarity

Communication is the single most efficient way to generate satisfaction and approval from your audience.

Our strategy uses four major pillars (artificial intelligence, robotization, omnichannel, and customer behavior) to deliver the right and individualized message to who and when they need to receive it, and thus achieve higher conversion in your campaigns.

Optimized demand creation
data to create enriched bases, exclusive channels to increase the conversion rate, interaction with active and passive responses. Every strategy uses exclusive channels that do not rely on large online or offline media.

Targeted digital prospecting
, RPA, Omnichannel, Big, Data, Costumer Behavior 100% digital.

Strategic management
Total integration via Omnichannel of all channels, in a 100% automated way. Dashboards for real-time monitoring of results for strategy management. All this, of course, with GWCloud's total infrastructure.


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