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We are cloud, we are transformation, and we are compliance too.

GW Cloud is a multicloud specialist, and we use this expertise to promote our principles of ethics and integrity with everyone we have a relationship with, from our employees to suppliers, customers and third parties.

We have a relevant role in promoting business transformation with innovative services, while acting ethically in all relationships, whether with public or private entities, we emphasize that integrity should govern all relationships.

In the face of constant change, our actions are always aimed at respecting laws, regulations, and our internal policies, while respecting the local culture of each country in which we operate.

As we say, our compliance is inside and outside the cloud! so we do not accept any corrupt practices or unethical acts, whether related to our services or not.

On the pages below, you can learn more about our anti-corruption policy, our code of conduct or even our whistleblowing channel.



First, because we believe that investing in innovative minds is the ideal role we can play in society.

Second, we aim to prepare these professionals to actively participate in GWCloud projects in the imminent future.

We seek to invest in innovative minds and disruptive projects that want to promote digital transformation in the market, so we have dedicated professionals to supervise and support the growth and development of professionals and future professionals.

whistleblowing channel

Your report will be subject to our analysis even without your identification. The most important thing here is that your report be complete and with as much detail as you can provide us so that we can conduct a thorough investigation of your complaint.

If you have any evidence or file to send us, you can send it to us at


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