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Managing multi-cloud is no longer a problem, CloudBolt solves everything for you

CloudBolt helps you do more using less. With the platform, you can innovate faster and bring more value to your business because you can work at the speed of the cloud.


The journey to the hybrid cloud, and especially the multi-cloud, can be complex for most enterprises. But with CloudBolt, you get much simpler and more efficient multi-cloud management.

Efficiency is doing more using less. Much more organization and delivering resources with agility. Optimizing cloud spending and decreasing workloads is the goal of any business that wants to grow in the digital world


Want to learn more how your organization can manage multi-cloud for its own development? Read on!


CloudBolt has arrived to organize

CloudBolt is a cloud management platform that unifies private IT and public clouds to form a centralized system through which IT can provision, measure, and control the consumption of computing resources regardless of location and technology.


For many companies, the multi-cloud can be synonymous with complexity and disorganization. That's why CloubBolt helps organizations get a handle on the chaos of the multi-cloud and multi-tools.


We know that legacy private and public cloud approaches have only made cloud automation and governance more complex. This requires flexibility to increase productivity, agility, security, and sanity in ways no other solution could.


We've come to offer a comprehensive, award-winning cloud automation, visibility, and governance framework designed specifically to bring your different world of multiple clouds, multiple tools, and multiple teams together and bring order.




But what is the Multinewind?


As cloud offerings have evolved, many enterprises have moved to multiple services rather than relying on a single cloud provider. Multi-cloud environments make it possible for organizations to choose between the most advanced and advantageous solutions, depending on their decision about where applications and workloads should run.


Therefore, we can view multi-cloud computing as the use of multiple cloud services without dependence on a single provider. Typically the environment uses two or more public cloud services. But it can also include a private cloud, embedded in the company's own data center.


The architecture allows IT teams to run individual workloads. In this way, you can achieve greater application efficiency and reduced costs.


Benefits of the Multinewindow

We know that multi-cloud environments make it possible to reduce costs. The savings make room for investment in innovation. There are also benefits for the IT teams themselves, as application efficiency and the ability to meet real-time needs are improved.


With a multi-cloud architecture, an organization is able to run applications and data in the environment best suited to the workloads at any given time. To achieve the benefit, the environment needs to be managed, protected, and coordinated in a coherent way. Relying on a service provider that can unite all these aspects is key to achieving good results.

More advantages

● Access control;
● Billing: single billing from multiple providers;
● Application administration and provisioning;
● Migration planning;
● Identity and policy management;
● Budgeting and spend management;
● Extensive reporting framework;
● DevOps framework ;
● Service catalog management;
● Monitoring and dashboards;
● Orchestration and delivery.



Multi-cloud Management


CloudBolt helps you do more using less. With the platform, you can innovate faster and bring more value to your business because you can work at the speed of the cloud.


It also enables the organization's IT to provision resources (virtual machines, workloads, XaaS) in minutes, packaging and organizing resources for self-service consumption.


CloudBolt helps optimize cloud spending by decreasing workloads that shouldn't be used, applying quotas for users and groups, and more.

Multi-cloud and hybrid cloud management

Self-service provisioning

Kubernetes cluster management

Resource Allocation

Cost tracking (show / reverse)


Learn about other features

CloudBolt - OneFuse

OneFuse is an IaaS ("integration as a service") platform designed to automate and securely extend existing cloud management and DevOps functionality, enabling management and governance of integration services in hybrid cloud environments.

- Integrations and automations "as a service" (AaaS);
- Abstracts complexity from users;
- Integrations can be linked across different parts of the organization;
- Easy to deploy, configure, maintain and scale;
- Allows administrators to enforce standards and governance;
- Centralized console for use in creating, managing and controlling integrations.


CloudBolt Kumolus

Kumolus is a next-generation SaaS solution designed for organizations that use multi-cloud solutions and want to visualize, manage, and optimize cloud costs. It offers a single dashboard to manage Amazon WebServices (AWS) and Microsoft Azure environments with confidence.


-Comprehensive visibility: for your spending in multiple clouds for "show back" and chargeback;
-Continuous cost optimization: reduce spending by 30-40% through automated actions;

- Frictionless governance and security: Stay safe and compliant with more than 350 checks.

Your company going further on the journey to hybrid cloud and multicloud

Intelligent Self-Service IT

Continuous cost visibility and security

Code-free integrations for DevOps

Automating virtual machine provisioning and providing self-service for multi-cloud developers.

Even with less development, IT leaders can innovate faster. And that creates more business value by making it possible to work at cloud speed.


Resource tracking, virtual machine expansion, and shadow IT.

CloudBolt helps IT optimize cloud spending by decreasing workloads that shouldn't be used, applying quotas for users and groups, and more.

More advantages of having CloudBolt

With the platform, your company:

- Saves time provisioning and orchestrating resources;
- Has full visibility into infrastructure;
- Shadow IT everywhere: information technology systems deployed by departments other than the central IT department, to bypass deficiencies in core information systems;
- Saves IT costs;
- Accounts for more security and compliance;
- Cuts expenses and optimizes cloud systems;
- Better support for custom scripts and code.

 Gain more agility and control

CloudBolt helps IT deliver greater agility while balancing control.


- Centralized orchestration, provisioning, and automation;

- Built-in cost and protection grids for workload delivery;

- XaaS through the self-service catalog.




Manage multi-cloud and get ahead of competitors

In the market there are many heavy, expensive and time-consuming solutions. With CloudBolt's solutions your company can only win.

- Ease of use: implant in minutes, customize easily;

- Vendor agnostic: Supports multiple hypervisors, public clouds, and vendors;

- Extensibility: customers can easily add their own integrations to the product;

- Robust Service Catalog: Role-based Access Control

- Time to value: install, connect, and provision in hours, not weeks like some competitors.




Want to know more about multi-cloud management and how your company can benefit from CloudBolt solutions? Talk directly to an expert.

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