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An Overview of Education and the IT Market

Investment in education is no longer just about schools and colleges.


Education is no longer limited to schools and colleges. Whether face-to-face or online, today's top companies are investing not only in training new employees, but also in continuing corporate education to further the development of their employees, expand their operations, and consequently, increase their bottom line. According to IBM, for every dollar spent on online corporate education, companies recoup $30 in productivity.

With continuing education within the company, the employee improves his knowledge and also his performance, and feels more motivated, which improves his productivity. The company also reduces its expenses, because the employee retention rate increases, which reduces costs, since firing and hiring new employees has a very high cost. Finally, corporate education is important both for the employee and for the company, since the employee who is constantly learning improves his productivity, and thus the company raises the quality of its operation and services, also increasing its profitability.


What is the return for those who invest in IT?

Information technology is driving the growth of companies of all sizes. The way companies do business, handle data, interact with their customers, and manage their teams of employees is being changed by digital transformation. Investing in new technologies reduces costs and increases your profits.

By investing in IT your company has access to several automated solutions that facilitate the work of your employees, increasing the productivity of your team. Besides improving your interaction with customers, the use of technology enhances customer acquisition, providing the right data for you to increase your profits. Using technological tools your company raises the level of services and products offered, gaining advantage over your competitors. Technology simplifies your operations, makes your data safe, and reduces the time spent on manual tasks by your team. Investing in technology is investing in your company's growth.


Why IT will change the Brazilian scenario in the near future?‍

As technology advances, the market becomes progressively more competitive. Companies that do not adopt technology in their operations will gradually be eliminated from the competition. What do you expect from technology in the future?

Cloud computing will grow in such a way that in a short time, large parts of the companies in Brazil will have their operations in the cloud. Because of this, we will see improvements in data security. We will have schools and colleges increasingly integrating the teaching and use of technology, and artificial intelligence will grow to the point of being present in the operations of many companies, from internal procedures to the final external procedures, such as customer service. Many job opportunities will arise, so it is important to be up-to-date about what the next steps in IT will be.


What do big corporations think when it comes to education?

In the coming years, Brazil will adopt the "green recovery" program, which is a strategy to improve the economy by investing in technology. As a result, companies will receive more and more new employees, who will arrive with varied knowledge. This is the perfect scenario for corporate education. Corporate education consists in offering education programs to your employees, so that they are always in the process of learning. Large companies all over the world invest in the education of their employees, find out why:

The companies that invest in the education of their employees gain greater profitability of talents, after all, the best professionals are always in search of knowledge. By increasing the knowledge of your team you increase productivity. Furthermore, with education programs, your team will always be up to date, improving the delivery of your products or services, which makes your company gain notoriety in the market. Companies also reduce the cost of hiring new employees, since the focus is on continuously improving their talent pool.


Education and IT: Brazil vs. the World‍

Information Technology has taken over the entire world with process automation, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and many more.The countries that invest the most in technology are the countries that advance the most, employ the most people, and teach the most. With a budget forecast of more than $200 billion, the USA invests heavily in education. The colleges have several higher education courses in the area, and the curriculum is really effective. The students have access to machines and systems of the highest quality, and leave already qualified for the job market. The result of this is: skilled, agile, effective, and autonomous professionals, more jobs, more opportunities for career growth, and more competitiveness among companies.

Brazil is slowly improving its higher education. Several colleges have already restructured the curricula of technology courses, and reformed their methodology. In addition to more investment in current quality equipment and machines. With the high future investments in information technology in the country, we will see this scenario changing rapidly. And you, until then, what will you do?


How much does it cost to invest in a student?

Large technology companies prefer to build their talent pools from the ground up, so it is common to see professionals in senior positions who started as interns, for example. There are numerous advantages to investing in employee education, both for the company and for the professionals. Expanding knowledge leads to an improvement in productivity, which consequently leads to better employee performance. The level of the company's service or product is raised, while it attracts more customers for the quality of its service. But do you know how much this investment costs?

According to the 12th e 2018, most companies already have an annual budget for training employees, whether they are newly hired or not, take note:

The average investment per employee in 2017 was R$788.00, according to the study "The Training Outlook in Brazil 2017" (12th edition). You don't need so many calculations to know that this value today, in 2022, is much higher. Even with the high value, not investing in employee education is much more expensive, after all, the company's success depends on the good execution of services and products.


School Day: An overview of IT higher education in Brazil?‍

The future is technology, and the world is getting ready for it. In Brazil, the demand for IT services is high and the digital transformation, which was driven by the pandemic in the country, has made it even clearer that there is a lack of qualified professionals to fill the vacancies.

With the lack of professionals, higher education institutions are investing in IT courses, improving the quality of their teaching methods, as well as adding more technology courses to their undergraduate lists, with the intention of drawing students' attention to this area. According to a Brasscom projection, the technology sector should create 797,000 new job openings in Brazil by 2025. New courses are emerging, and the country will need many professionals in this area. If there is a good time to study technology, it is now.

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