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How to stay competitive and even stand out in the financial market?


Innovationthat goes far beyond just being a bank

Even in a highly competitive market, it is possible to stand out among so many banks and fintechs. The Engagement Banking Platform (EBP) enables innovation at scale for all channels of your business. Your customer experience will determine the optimization of your financial product offerings, and nothing could be more appropriate than focusing on engaging product consumption.

With this unique solution, your customers and your employees will be at the center of operations. A differential that fills a gap in the market: the lack of customization.

Backbase Engagement Banking Platform gives your business, whether it's a bank, fintech or credit union, an upgrade that prioritizes people.

The digital transformation of your business.

The problem of banks and financial institutions

With outdated technology, your institution would not be able to keep up with market innovations and customer demands. Consumer expectations are increasing and organizations lack the expertise to offer engaging experiences, technological solutions, and agile, hands-on services. 

And do you know what the disastrous consequence of this deficiency is? Your bank may end up losing customers to digital players. Or it could walk with Backbase.


Digital transformation is the foundation of new business, essential to stay ahead in the new market. GWCloud offers flexibility, agility, scalability and mobility. 

The transformative solution for your institution

One way to stay relevant and stand out is to get up to speed. Here comes the GWCloud transformation journey for your business: the Backbase Banking Platform, a true evolution of the digital banking experience.

Whatever your line of business, you can start from a relatively small size and grow to become an industry benchmark. Get ready to increase your conversions during application integration and production.

This transformation brings powerful advantages, such as increased customer loyalty and engagement. Your institution will also be able to partner with the best fintechs globally.

Enhance the customer and employee experience and deliver out-of-the-box applications. You can even accelerate your existing applications and adapt the platform to the unique needs of your business. Regardless of the size of your institution, the results will be significant.

Get to know the new digital banking experience.

A complete platform for your business

Deliver unique banking experiences to your customers with Backbase Engagement Banking Platform. Easily connect to your core banking systems, integrate with the latest fintechs and deliver out-of-the-box applications, whether for retail, wealth management or even commercial banking.

Retail Banking

Deliver outstanding banking experiences to the retail sector. Get a platform packed with out-of-the-box applications and integrate customers in minutes, making it easy for them to self-service and connect to your bank, but the way they see fit. And what's in it for your business? Higher conversion, lifelong loyalty and increased share of wallet.

Business Banking

We know very well that entrepreneurs work hard to reach a business level for their businesses. For this, it is indispensable to have a bank that works for them. With the Backbase platform that GWCloud is introducing to you, your customers will have the ideal business banking application at hand. From bill payments and payroll, to loan applications and cash flow forecasting. Improve your users' experience and boost your bottom line.

Wealth Management 

Everyone wants more technology, but without ever losing the human side. That's why today's wealth management clients expect the perfect combination of digital and personal. With the Backbase platform, you can start delivering innovative, best-in-class experiences and exceptional service across any channel. Exceed customer expectations and become the go-to provider for all their financial needs. A respected brand needs to deliver a differentiated experience.

With so many advantages, a truly intelligent journey, your company will delight your customers.

Integration with other Backbase services for you to combine the best in the market

Digital Sales

Turn prospects into customers;

Increase portfolio participation;

Train your employees;

Eliminate friction for customers and bank employees during account sign-ups and product applications. Increase your revenue and the number of satisfied people.

Digital Banking‍

Become the banking app of choice by giving your customers what they deserve: a 5-star experience, at every touchpoint. From personal finance to running your business, your customers will have the freedom to control their money, their way.

Digital Assist‍

Give your teams what they need for quick resolution and upsell with a digital app that gives you freedom with multiple system logins and offers a 360° customer case overview and all maintenance features.

Digital Engage‍

Achieve meaningful digital engagement from customers by offering impactful interactions that will foster strong relationships;

Deliver highly personalized user experiences.

Count on a new concept of Digital Financial Marketplace

End-to-end, everything you need for your business to evolve

The Engagement Banking Platform is complete and allows for simple deployment of all channels and lines of business with ready-to-use applications and solutions. Enjoy all the benefits of having programs specially designed to empower employees and delight customers.

The time has come for your institution to be agile and flexible like the big fintechs in the market. Extend or create extra functionalities without worrying about limits. Enter markets with speed and flexibility to reap expressive results.

And the best thing is that you have all these advantages without walking alone. Besides always having GWCloud and Backbase by your side, you also benefit from the expertise of consolidated partners around the world. Be free to innovate and achieve differentiated solutions.

Customize your digital banking journeys with our platform's data model and APIs. With easy Web and Mobile SDKs, a complete Design System and Developer Portal, you're in charge of your own digital transformation.‍

Revolutionize your bank and join the giants

Catch up with the market's leading digital banks with Engagement Banking Platform. With our cloud model, you get early access to new products and reduce IT overhead. Whether supported by AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google. And the cloud is something GWCloud understands very well!

And for your business security, our state-of-the-art authentication solution intelligently verifies customers, employees, and partners so they can securely connect to all your banking applications. Based on OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0 andFIDO.

These are just some of the advantages that banks that have adopted the Engagement Banking Platform are already enjoying. Want to learn more and secure your place at the forefront of digital banking? Talk to a specialist now!

Don't waste time and be smart, be GWCloud!

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