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Open Finance: 17.3 million consents from 2020 to date.

Article from Valor about Open Finance.


The process of implementation of Open Finance in Brazil began three years ago and already adds up to impressive numbers. There have been more than 17, 3 million consents from customers for the sharing of personal and banking data among financial institutions, in addition to more than 10 billion successful communications between the institutions that are part of the system for the exchange of information.

And what can we expect from Open Finance in Brazil in 2023? The expansion to phase 4, in which data on investments, insurance, and other financial services can also be shared, puts Brazil at the forefront of open finance worldwide.

It is important to point out that in order to participate in this movement, any company interested in implementing projects that use its base to offer new banking services needs an intelligent BaaS structure and, to do so, it can contact our specialists to carry out its project.  

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Article carried out by Valor, in its entirety.

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