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APIs: the right time to use combinable applications as a strategic differentiator 


An API and integration management platform can totally transform the technological environment of a business and boost projects.

By having an architecture entirely in the cloud and with microservices, besides several internal applications, the use of APIs in a managed way has become a primary necessity for companies.

The advantages of microservices

This is an architectural and organisational approach for the development of software and applications. The software in question is made up of small independent services that communicate through well-defined APIs. Therefore, they are self-sufficient services.

A microservices architecture facilitates scalability and makes application development more agile. The characteristics of this architectural approach make the time of introduction of new resources in the market to be accelerated, which contributes to the emergence of innovations.

The main difference that we can highlight between microservices architecture and a monolithic architecture is with respect to the way the application by basic functions is decomposed.

Microservices make each function be created and deployed independently. It works by itself and if it fails, it does not compromise the functioning of other services.

With traditional monolithic architectures, any process is highly coupled, running the same service. In cases of peak demand, for example, the entire architecture must scale, not just a single function. Whether it is to enhance or add features of monolithic applications, we are talking about a process that gets even more complex as the code base grows.

Application Programming Interface

APIs have become essential tools for accelerating application creation, enabling businesses to grow. As development teams use more and more APIs, they are exploring new types.

To further amplify this challenge, most enterprises have different types of services running in heterogeneous environments, with multiple gateways and hybrid and multi-cloud scenarios.

An API and integration management platform delivers usage possibilities that accelerate the process of creating API gateways, being able to scale not only the APIs of an application, but also the entire ecosystem of a business. 

The creation and reuse of components from any type of data source becomes possible. Such as databases, REST applications, web services and others. This way, much more productivity is gained.

An API that would take several days to build can take one or two days with the use of an API and integration management platform.

Challenges to be overcome

Any integration and the necessary maintenance generate many costs for organisations, especially when the subject is the application of technologies to develop new projects. This issue leads to direct losses in delivery times and requires a robust environment, equipped with infrastructure and servers.

Development of applications that can strategically supply the business needs must support an API architecture that is scalable and performant, allowing the consumption of data from different points, such as inventories, suppliers, sales, stores and orders, invoicing, among others.

Strategic differential in the market

A well-developed API strategy can empower companies with open innovation and create new opportunities. The creation and management of integrations is a fundamental point for the technological transformation of a business and can directly impact the offer of services and thus the business strategy.

Integrations deserve attention because of the high complexity of API architectures, with high development time requirements, high infrastructure costs and management difficulties. 

Therefore, it is necessary to search for agile technological solutions that can simplify complex API operations and integrations.  

Fully integrated and ecosystem-connected applications offer a multi-channel customer experience.

All in one marketplace

Given this reality, the demand for a marketplace for the sale of microservices products, APIs and integrations has arisen. In other words, a platform for connecting applications, data and devices.

In this environment, companies can count on consultancy, planning, implementation, support and management of APIs.

A world of solutions with ready connectivity to the cloud and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). In the case of programs installed and stored locally (on-premises), it is still possible to carry out the commercialisation and implementation of existing products and new licences.

In an API marketplace, companies can accelerate digital transformation, from IT modernisation (such as cloud computing) and digital optimisation, to inventing new digital business models.

The intelligent solutions marketplace platform was developed to meet the new market demands of the next generation of APIs. In this way, many businesses will be able to bring their own software to market much faster and more conveniently.

A promising future

An API marketplace platform features smart solutions and cutting-edge technologies to enhance businesses in a wide range of industries. The environment integrates seamlessly with different types of technologies, legacy systems and tools, supports every type of API and can be deployed as a cloud-based service, on-premises and in hybrid environments.

In addition to being customisable, the marketplace is still used by developers across industries to search, manage and connect to hundreds of APIs as well as external API subscriptions. 

Built from the world's largest public API hub players, the platform enables companies to accelerate innovation and bring software to market faster.

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