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Cost optimization and margin increase

In the right way, you can optimize costs and increase your portfolio's revenue.

Lower cost and more profit with the cloud

The cloud has already changed almost everything and there is a way for organizations to take advantage of it in the right way, ensuring that the costs of environments are optimized and that their product portfolio can be more attractive and profitable, since there will be no more loss and runoff from optimized investments in the cloud.

Cost reduction with:
Fleet optimization with Kubernetes and Microservices architectures.
Intelligent IT infrastructure governance and management.
Orchestrating investment between hybrid, public and private cloud.
Application performance monitoring and analysis
Specialized consulting on the performance of IT infrastructure investments
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+40% in TCO reduction
+30% ROI increase
+10% growth
in profit margin

Less cost and half the time to develop the same applications.

No-code/low-code software development allows even non-developer users to create their own applications or software with a little bit of coding (low-code) or without any coding (no-code). Using the right drag-and-drop platform gives your business areas more autonomy and increases sales volume. Perfect for creating mobile applications or web apps to speed up processes and make them agile.

Reduce cost and time with:
Half the time to develop systems, applications, processes, and frameworks
Easy patching of systems, applications, processes, and frameworks
Cost cutting with slow systems and applications that burden the process
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+30% in cost reduction
+43% increase in time to market
+70% productivity growth

Increase the return on investment of your platforms

APIs provide a secure communication channel between applications and facilitate the exchange of information between parties. This technology is used by technology giants in the market that lead their segments, with its use besides reducing costs, they drive revenue growth and explore new business models.

At GWCloud we make consumption as a service a central element in which you can pay for APIs, integrations, connectors according to the consumption performed as well and conquer:

Optimize workflows
Reduce Costs by Automating Processes
Increase revenue by making the customer experience better
Full control to manage the data
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+20% in cost reduction
+68% time to market
+45% increase in project productivity

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