GW Academy

How to bring the academic world closer to the corporate working reality and the labor demands?

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What is it?

GWAcademy is an initiative that allows us to leverage young people, aiming at professional preparation according to our culture (focus on results, boldness, collaboration and innovation), to stand out in the job market.

We know that careers in Information Technology are the fastest growing in the world. Aiming to support those who want to build a future in this area, we are continuously generating opportunities.

Get to know the GW Academy environment
Why prepare this professional?

Firstly, because we believe that investing in innovative minds is the ideal role we can play in society.

Secondly, we aim to prepare these professionals to actively participate in GWCloud projects in the imminent future.

We seek to invest in innovative minds and disruptive projects that want to promote digital transformation in the market, so we have dedicated professionals to supervise and support the growth and development of professionals and future professionals.

Innovative and collaborative environment

We develop real projects at GWAcademy innovation centers, at partner universities, based on our own selection of methodology and agile development.

students will have a financial scholarship and workload in a monitored process of evaluation and professional development.

The Process


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