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Corporate Antivirus Advantages

One of the biggest threats to information are viruses and malware (malicious software). They can enter the system through e-mail, internet, instant messaging programs, shared resources, floppy and optical disks and through other enabled communication media.


One of the biggest threats to information are viruses and malware( malicioussoftware ). They can enter the system through e-mail, internet, instant messaging programs, shared resources, flexible and optical disks and also through other enabled communication media. Therefore, the use of a good antivirus is essential to keep your company protected. There are several advantages of using a corporate antivirus:

Automated distribution

With corporate antivirus, there is no need to install the program individually on the machines. The task is facilitated by an automated software distribution system, with great savings in time and resources, besides the guarantee that all endpoints will be protected. Some of them have automated installation mechanisms, that is, it is only necessary to include the desktop or notebook in the network for the automatic installation to take place.

Comprehensive protection

Good enterprise antivirus has multiple protection at multiple points in the network: desktops, laptops, smartphones, file servers, mail servers and gateway. At each point there can be protection at multiple levels: for files, email, web, anti-spam, registry, anti-spyware, anti-adware, firewall, application control; intrusion detection and port control.

Multiple policies and task protection

You can create multiple scan profiles for each type of endpoint. You can also allow or block applications for specific user groups.

Outbreak Virus

Eventually, virus epidemics may occur. This mechanism allows new policies to be incremented in order to block the entry of these viruses. For example: if there are more than 10 viruses in a 5 minute interval in the entire network, one can adjust the file scan from "inbound only" to "inbound and outboundscanning "; or adjust the extensions from "executable files only" to "any file type".

Reporting Overview

With an enterprise antivirus, it is possible to have a managerial view and quickly check whether all desktops and servers are protected and up-to-date, which computer has been most infected, whether all scan tasks have been successfully performed, which virus is most common on the network and which applications are installed on desktops.

Differentiated support

Trained and certified teams can monitor the services personally or remotely, leaving you free to focus on other activities, without worrying about the security of your company's information.

Protecting corporate information is, above all, ensure the integrity of your business. Choose the corporate antivirus that best fits your corporate profile and promote the digital security of your company.

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