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Software AG - Innovation with webMethods


About Software AG

Did you know that Software AG is a GWCloud partner in Brazil? This means that you can count on the solutions of a global company, offered by whom you know and trust.

Pioneering software solutions for a truly connected world, our partners help companies connect people, services, systems, and devices through a variety of disruptive platforms.

A successful partnership that will make your business have much more power to duty, decide, act and prosper with agility and efficiency‍.

SoftwareAG: Innovations today to prepare you for tomorrow‍

Today, all companies are born digital and need to have the agility to keep up with this medium. This is no longer a differential. We know that any business can create a digital ecosystem, but they need to seamlessly connect systems, devices, applications, and partners.

On the other hand, these connections are only possible thanks to APIs, integration and microservices. The webMethods platform, from our partner Software AG, helps you manage all these elements so that your company can do what seemed impossible.

This means being able to innovate by developing new business models enabled by a connected digital ecosystem.

Scaling up reliable applications and systems and modernizing without having to start from scratch is already a reality. Other important highlights are: achieving digital transformation and combining existing resources with other technologies to create new digital products.‍

The webMethods

Software AG's webMethods let you quickly integrate SaaS systems, partners, data, devices, and applications.

The platform is the market leader in application integration and will make all your business processes more efficient, organized, and agile.

WebMethods' products cover agile applications, API management, business process management, integration, and operational intelligence.

We are talking about an application integration platform that integrates everything, enabling you to make a true connection with your customers.

Data is no longer isolated and inaccessible, while your applications, wherever they are, are at your fingertips, with a much greater possibility of innovation.


Benefits of Innovation with webMethods‍

Now you know the way to faster, more complete and efficient applications with just a few steps.

Application integration ensures the free flow of data across applications, clouds and integration systems. Learn more about some of the benefits of relying on Software AG's webMethods.

Scale with microservices

Your applications will now run much faster. webMethods is designed for cloud-native applications that can be scaled according to your business needs.

Integrate SaaS‍ applications

Delay in connectivity time? Never again! Ensure immediate connectivity to SaaS applications such as Salesforce® and ServiceNow® and industry-standard protocols such as REST, SOAP, and Odata.

Automate workflows

Everything connected and flowing smoothly. The platform allows you to connect more than 300 SaaS applications, with no coding required. And start transforming and mapping data across different sources to integrate your operations.

Develop with DevOps

webMethods provides DevOps support and allows you to build and deploy integrations using your organization's CI/CD processes.

Make it easy to create integrations

With an intuitive user interface, designing, building, and deploying workflows for cloud and on-premises applications have become much easier tasks.

Integrations without a single platform

Go through integrating applications, clouds, legacy systems, big data, and IoT data. Connect whatever you need to with webMethods.‍

webMethods: innovation with speed‍

Are you ready to expand the concept of innovation with webMethods? Now your business will be able to solve innovation problems with integration solutions.

As APIs and microservices reshape IT needs, organizations need an open and flexible platform to get all things connected and working together, without the need to invest in a whole new IT infrastructure.

And you will do all this in a much faster and more efficient way. Since data is a fundamental tool for the success of your campaigns, having access to a significant number of reliable sources will make all the difference.

Software AG's webMethods is the only enterprise application integration platform that allows you to develop solutions from low-code to high-productivity integrations.

Your data will be free to increase agility and accelerate the development of innovative digital applications and services.‍

What can your organization do?‍

It is no news that technology is constantly evolving. Therefore, new opportunities arise all the time for businesses to take advantage of to innovate with agility. Software AG's platform is here to offer real advantages to organizations that want to stand out in the digital environment.

Innovation with efficiency is:

- Connect data, applications, devices, and everything you need to accelerate innovation with complete API lifecycle management;

- Count on complete integration between systems, clouds, data, and more on a single platform;

- Create, run, monitor, and manage intelligent data pipelines;

- Automate B2B transactions and speed up operational processes;

- Integrate mainframe data for use with Big Data, mobile devices, cloud, and social networks, with real-time access to data;

- Manage and monitor centralized data.

Innovation is preparing for the future‍

With webMethods, you can easily connect to SaaS applications from existing cloud integrations. Get on-premise services and migrate them to the cloud quickly and conveniently.

Connect everything you need with webMethods. To be connected and automated, an organization needs to constantly evolve and keep up with market changes. With Software AG's platform, opportunities will not go unused.

It is time to innovate quickly and be prepared for whatever comes up, and be able to respond promptly and efficiently.

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