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Much more security when deploying your containerized applications

Is security important to your business?


Is security important for your business? Of course it is! That's why we offer solutions to help you configure, build, and manage an enterprise container platform for your containerized applications to modernize your current deployment technologies.

It's time to securely deploy your containerized applications like Kubernetes. And only the partnership between GWCloud and SUSE brings that possibility to you.


About SUSE

SUSE is a company that meets the needs of mission-critical computing and IT management. Among many other things, do you know what this means for your business? Simplifying and optimizing existing IT environments; bringing applications and data to modern computing; and accelerating business innovation through open source software.

SUSE with Rancher serves the most widely used Kubernetes enterprise management platform. And now it's your turn to have full control to innovate anywhere from the data center to the cloud and beyond.

Many more advantages. Check it out!

● Deploy flexible environments and microservices with Containers and Kubernetes without Lock-in;
● Make services and systems available in on-premises orcloud environments;
● Simplified deployment and management of your containerized applications (on-premises or cloud);
● Migration of existing products to Kubernetes;
Enabling new features and uses in orchestration to deploy distributed applications on-premises, in the cloud, and in hybrid environments;
● Significantly increased reliability (highly available distributed and fault-tolerant management plane);
● Individual application workloads with high availability can scale dynamically based on end-user load to provide a consistent experience.


Kubernetes: Container Orchestrator

Kubernetes is the industry standard orchestration technology for containerized workloads. Built on lessons learned from Google's Borg project, Kubernetes can handle any on-premises, cloud and hybrid environment for "Google scale" application deployments.

High Availability

Kubernetes has a resilient and highly available architecture that can maintain application uptime even if the management plane suffers a complete failure. It allows you to deploy your application containers in high availability and scale dynamically with end-user load. When deployed in cloud environments, you can scale workloads and infrastructure.

More security

Kubernetes can isolate different containers from applications and other objects while restricting the flow of communication with access controls and refined policy primitives. Protect your clusters with authentication-based access control, namespaces, and the enhanced security primitives that Docker containers provide by default.

Automatic recovery

Kubernetes automatically recovers your applications whenever a failure is detected, typically before your APM or monitoring solution can detect the service interruption. In addition, deploying your application containers in high availability mode means that your end users can enjoy uninterrupted service while Kubernetes maintains the health of your applications.

The industry's only solution capable of managing any CNFC-certified Kubernetes distribution, with the ability to run on Amazon, Google, Azure/Hybrid and Edge Datacenter/Cloud.

Start your journey into the world of Kubernetes with the guidance of our experts, and considerably increase your chances of success.

Manage all containers of an application!


Complex containerized application management? Count on more capabilities!

The Kubernetes platform enables organizations to quickly deploy applications while utilizing significant internal features such as automatic horizontal scaling and automatic recovery. Kubernetes on cloud and on-premises provides a robust framework to easily deploy your distributed applications that can adapt to your unique architecture.

Get ready to have your work simplified and to count with more flexibility in your projects. With this open source system, the scaling and maintenance of your applications become automated, making the programmers' work easier.

In addition to orchestrating clusters of virtual machines, Kubernetes schedules the execution of containers based on available compute resources. Your business will still be able to verify the health of individual resources without applications being stopped by any damage that may occur, since it restarts and even replaces the failed container.

Container platforms can migrate an existing application or device to Kubernetes. This simplifies the customer installation process, improves reliability, and adds easy-to-configure features such as high availability, disaster recovery, and enhanced performance for on-premises and cloud deployments.

You want to make your IT teams' lives easier. Click here and learn more!

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