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Retail Innovation and Modernization: AWS has the Right Services for You

Leading retail companies are already using AWS. A variety of services and solutions are designed to improve your business results and customer experience. Contact us, talk to a specialist, and embark on the future of retail.


Retail Innovation and Modernization: AWS has the Right Services for You

Those who work in the retail sector know the challenges of growing and staying relevant in the face of so many technologies and business models emerging all the time.

That's why it's critical to have a global partner when it comes to accelerating innovation, satisfying customers, and transforming your business. GWCloud has already immersed itself in this successful partnership, and now it's time for your company to do the same.


Amazon Web Services, also known as AWS, is a cloud computing services platform offered by Amazon. Want to learn more about how the organization's solutions can positively impact your retail business? Read on!




Already know AWS?


AWS is the world's most widely adopted and comprehensive cloud platform, offering more than 200 complete data center services. Fast-growing startups, large enterprises, and major government agencies are using AWS to reduce costs, become more agile, and innovate faster.

The platform helps thousands of organizations around the world to migrate significant workloads with absolute success to the cloud. With the strategy, companies have achieved substantial savings in IT costs.

↓ operating costs ↑improvements in productivity

           ↑greater business agility ↑greater operational resilience


Migrating to the Cloud with AWS

In a migration, you have the ability to move any workload across an on-premises environment, hosting facility, or public cloud from another provider. Thousands of companies rely on the solution to migrate workloads such as applications, websites, databases, storage, physical or virtual servers, and entire data centers.

A much faster and more efficient way to boost your company's results.



Economy and Productivity

- Free Migration

- + information security

- + data storage capacity

- Reduction of costs with hardware and software maintenance

- + speed in processes

- Improved productivity

- Fixed monthly fee

- Take only what you really use



More benefits of migrating with GW.Cloud / AWS


- 31% average infrastructure cost savings compared to on-premise solutions

- 24 regions and 76 availability zones globally

- 62% more efficient in terms of IT infrastructure management compared to on-premise solutions

- 69% reduction in unplanned downtime

- Up to 51% reduction in operating costs

- Products and services available in the market 18.8% faster

- Possibility of smarter use of new technologies such as AI / ML and IoT



Secure Migration

⮞ Both GW.Cloud and AWS have extensive experience assisting companies that wish to migrate to the cloud. Regardless of the type of workloads, we are prepared to assist your business in all processes, including large-scale migrations with tens of thousands of servers.

⮞ Methodologies, practices, tools, and services designed specifically to help simplify and streamline migrations. Safety, support, and speed from the first contact.

⮞ With the help of a complete database and fully automated processes, all migration steps are simple and as effortless as possible. When your business migrates quickly and efficiently, your results come in faster too.



AWS Public Cloud

Much faster processes with cloud computing. Benefits for your business since your productivity can only increase.

Reduced operating costs, such as hardware and software maintenance. In addition, migration is free, the monthly fee is fixed and you only pay for what you actually use.

Leave the IT services to GW.Cloud and no longer worry about software upgrades, back-ups, and security systems.

Being in the cloud means having more ease with remote work, opening up the possibility of using smartphones, tablets, and laptops.


The Future of Retail


It's no news that the retail industry is undergoing an incredible transformation. The options to shop online, in-store, and via mobile device are growing. Customers are very well informed, want access to a variety of relevant products, and expect differentiated service and unique, personalized experiences.


AWS provides the cloud computing infrastructure and services your business needs, enabling you to move your legacy infrastructure onto a smart, modern, connected platform that meets demand.


The platform is agile and responsive, quickly helping to turn people and business data into actionable insights, providing the best experience for your customers.





Applying AWS in the Industry


To achieve a more unified commerce, AWS' storage and data warehousing solutions are critical, providing your customers with an integrated and seamless shopping experience, regardless of the channel used.


You can still leverage the platform's scalable analytics pipelines to quickly analyze large volumes of customer and transaction data and thus turn it into actionable insights.


You can also use AWS's Machine Learning andArtificial Intelligence capabilities to help your organization. This way you can offer your customers relevant, exciting, and personalized experiences that increase brand loyalty.





The benefits of having the platform


Save time and money by investing in what matters. With AWS, you don't spend as much money on infrastructure. Instead, you can invest your resources to drive innovation for your customers and efficiency for your business.

The platform even allows you to scale on demand. Add and scale compute capacity quickly and efficiently. Generate thousands of servers during peak seasons or big promotions like Mother's Day, Black Friday, and Christmas, and then eliminate them just as quickly and easily.

Achieve the agility that the market demands. Imagine being able to develop, test, and launch new websites, mobile apps, and digital campaigns quickly and cost-effectively. Now you can! Impact analysis and evaluation, with the ability to correct problems in real time.

With AWS' multiple Availability Zones and geographic regions, deploying large-scale campaigns or expanding into new markets becomes easier and more cost-effective.




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