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Understand the security layers of the "Zero Trust" and "Vulnerability Scanning" strategies

"Zero Trust and Vulnerability Scanning


Security is a key factor for any organization to focus on growing and evolving. Before better understanding "Zero Trust" and "Vulnerability Scanning" for threat detection, let's introduce SUSE.

A company that meets mission-critical computing and IT management needs.

Solutions include what SUSE can do: simplify and optimize existing IT environments; bring applications and data to modern computing; and accelerate business innovation through open source software.

It also supports the enterprise management platform, Kubernetes. Are you ready for full control to innovate anywhere from the data center to the cloud?



  • Implementing flexible environments and microservices with Containers and Kubernetes without Lock-in;
  • Availability of services and systems in on-premises or cloud environments;
  • Simplified deployment and management of your containerized applications (on-premise or cloud);
  • Migration of existing products to Kubernetes;
  • Enable new features and uses in orchestration to deploy distributed applications on-premises, in the cloud, and in hybrid environments;
  • Significantly increased reliability (highly available distributed and fault-tolerant management plan);
  • Individual application workloads with high availability can be dynamically scaled based on end-user load to provide a consistent experience.

We can highlight the increased reliability. The organization will have the security of a 100% open source Zero Trust platform. Among several advantages, you will have continuous scanning throughout the container's lifecycle, being able to remove security roadblocks and create policies to maximize developer agility.

Layers of Vulnerability Scanning

See how the security model in question works and see how its evolution is the ideal solution for any business.

Vulnerability Scanning, translation of VulnerabilityScanning, is software that when presented to a certain "target," does a thorough analysis in search of vulnerabilities.

It first performs the analysis, and then systematically tests that target for vulnerabilities to attack or flaws.

The model can be used as a prevention layer, searching for possible flaws in the system and respective fixes; as well as acting in the identification of vulnerabilities to attacks.

Zero Trust Layers

In turn, the Zero Trust security model is an approach for designing and implementing IT systems. The main concept is never trust, always verify.

You could say that the first layer is to assume that devices should be untrusted by default, even if connected to an authorized network that has already been verified.

It is therefore implemented by establishing powerful identity verification, capable of validating device compliance before granting access, and ensuring least privilege access only to explicitly authorized resources.

On the other hand, the traditional approach, while relying on devices that are within a known "perimeter" or devices connected via a VPN (virtual private network), is not relevant when it comes to the complex environment of a corporate network.

It is based on mutual authentication, including verification of the identity and integrity of devices. The very provisioning of access to applications and services is based on trust of device identity and integrity coupled with user authentication.

The Zero Trust Security model enables organizations to restrict access controls to networks, applications, and environments early in the application process to optimize performance and user experience.  

For a detailed list of specifications and to learn more about behavior-based threat detection and Zero Trust, please talk directly to one of our experts.

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