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You need to modernize your security architecture

About SUSE Neuvector


Companies seeking more security when deploying containerized applications need to rely on those who understand data and process protection.

If security is important to your business, you need solutions to help you configure, build, manage, and support an enterprise container platform for your applications and microservices, to modernize your current deployment technologies and monolithic applications.

It's time to securely deploy for your containerized applications with Neuvector from Suse Rancher. And only the partnership between GWCloud and SUSE Rancher brings this possibility to you by deploying this security layer to your cluster on different technologies, Kubernetes or Openshit.


Inside who takes care of your business security


SUSE is a company that addresses the needs of mission-critical computing and IT management. For your business, it means simplifying and optimizing existing IT environments; bringing applications and data to modern computing; and accelerating business innovation through open source software.

As the leading Linux operating system, SUSE powers the widely used Kubernetes enterprise management platform. And now, it's your turn to take full control to innovate anywhere from the datacenter to the cloud and beyond.



Featured Advantages


Check out some benefits that we can highlight for companies that count on SUSE's expertise.

Implement flexible, microservices environments with Containers and Kubernetes without Lock-in;
● Deliver services and systems in on-premises or cloud environments;
● Simplified deployment and management of your containerized applications ( on-premises or cloud);
● Migration of existing products to Kubernetes;
● Enabling new features and uses in orchestration to deploy distributed applications on-premises, in the cloud, and in hybrid environments;
● Significantly increased reliability (highly available distributed and fault-tolerant management plane);
● Individual application workloads with high availability can scale dynamically based on end-user load to provide a consistent experience.

From that to increased reliability. With SUSE, your business will have the security of a 100% open source Zero Trust platform. Among several advantages, you'll have continuous scanning throughout the container lifecycle, being able to remove security roadblocks and create policies to maximize developer agility.



What is Vulnerability Scanning?


You've already met our partner, now let's talk about SUSE's security solutions. Understand how the security model in question works and see how its evolution is the ideal solution for any organization.

Vulnerability Scanning is software that when presented with a given "target", does a thorough analysis in search of vulnerabilities. The program will systematically test that target for vulnerabilities to attacks or flaws.

The model can be used for prevention, searching for possible flaws in the system and respective fixes; as well as for identifying vulnerabilities to attacks.


And ZeroTrust?


The ZeroTrust security model, on the other hand, is an approach for designing and implementing IT systems. The main concept is never trust, always verify.

It should be assumed that devices should be unreliable by default, even if connected to an authorized network that has been previously checked.

Zero Trust, therefore, is implemented by establishing powerful identity verification that is able to validate device compliance before granting access and still guarantee access with least privilege only to explicitly authorized resources.

On the other hand, in a traditional approach, although relying on devices that are within a known "perimeter" or devices connected via a VPN (virtual private network) is not relevant when we talk about a complex environment of a corporate network.

With SUSE, your enterprise relies on the ZeroTrust approach, which believes in mutual authentication, including verification of the identity and integrity of devices. The very provisioning of access to applications and services is based on trust of device identity and integrity coupled with user authentication.



A modern security architecture


Introducing SUSE NeuVector, the only 100% open source Zero Trust container security platform. With continuous scanning throughout the container lifecycle, you can remove security roadblocks and create security policies up front to maximize developer agility.

The solution will drive the latest container security innovations. The move will contribute to a significant innovation of the Kubernetes security ecosystem, traditionally dominated by closed source proprietary solutions.

Users will be able to address key security use cases across the application lifecycle, including deep network visibility, inspection and segmentation; vulnerability, configuration and compliance management; as well as risk profiling, threat detection and incident response. You will be the code behind advanced cluster security features.

Count on native Kubernetes security of production infrastructures and workloads throughout the application lifecycle for users and community customers using CNCF-certified Kubernetes distributions on-premises, in the cloud, or at the edge.

Zero Trust enables organizations to restrict access controls to networks, applications, and environments early in the application process to optimize performance and user experience.  

To get access to a more modern security architecture, click here and talk to an expert. You will be amazed!

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