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Carnaval in the Metaverse

Check out actions at the carnival in Brazil.


The opening of the virtual carnival began last Sunday (February 11) and will continue through Bahia, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Besides the opening, the revelers will be able to follow complementary experiences to the street Carnival and the samba schools presentations, such as Mangueira (RJ), which will have a 3D replica of the school's court.

Verde e Rosa will make available the documentary about the backstage of the parade "As Áfricas que a Bahia Canta", a tribute to the groups Araketu, Olodum and Ilê Aiyê. Virtual revelers can also buy NFTs of the costumes to use in their avatars.

Another example is the Fissura carnival block in Salvador (BA), which will make activations with blockchain on Saturday (Feb. 18). A mascot will accompany the trio elétrico during the route.

This is just one example of how the metaverse is already present in an event the size of Carnival in Brazil. To be able to build unique experiences like these, it is necessary to use a very high level cloud infrastructure. Do you want to know how GWCloud can help you in these actions? Go here.

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