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5 Reasons to invest in Native Cloud Platforms


Business systems are becoming more and more complex and users are becoming more demanding, so the digital market is always coming up with new ideas. The inactivity of pages and response delays are no longer tolerated. From this need to have faster and more independent technological processes came Cloud Native, which is an approach to build and run, autonomously and efficiently, scalable applications in dynamic and modern environments. Cloud Native processes accelerate development and significantly reduce release cycle times for new application features.


The Cloud Native architecture is composed of cloud services such as platform as a service (PaaS), containers, serverless security, and microservices. These services have an isolated connection, i.e. they are not connected to any infrastructure components, allowing, for example, developers to make changes without affecting other parts of the application or other team members' projects.

  1. On-premise applications for running on company servers tend to be written in traditional languages such as C/C++, C#, and Java. Cloud-native applications are more likely to be written in other languages, such as HTML, CSS, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, etc. Working with modern languages and platforms helps attract the best engineers to your company
  2. You can create new business models that optimize cost and performance, since Cloud Native's intelligent dimension balances infrastructure resources based on demand.
  3. You will discover other ways to improve outdated and inefficient manual processes throughout your company by adopting cloud-native ways of working, thereby increasing employee and customer satisfaction.
  4. Development teams can release, patch, and update applications faster with test systems integrated into production implementations and with microservices-based systems.
  5. A failure in one container will not affect the others, since they are isolated, thus making the cloud-native application much more reliable.


Large companies like Netflix and Spotify, for example, have adopted these services because Cloud Native offers agility, flexibility, and speed. Cloud native processes speed up development and significantly reduce release cycle times for new application features.

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