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GW.Cloud (the first Brazilian professional Cloud Company) is a partner of CloudBolt Software (a foreign company that offers self-service software for cloud environment management).

Together, they prepared an ebook to explain what is hybrid cloud and what is multi-cloud.

Hybrid cloud uses resources from two different clouds. These can be two private, two public or a mix of both, with some form of integration or orchestration between them. It allows you to take advantage of the security of an on-premises data centre and the scalability of the public cloud when needed.

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Multi-cloud, on the other hand, is linked to the presence of a cloud deployment of the same type (public or private), coming from different providers. There may also be the use of a public cloud combined with the company's own data center. It is a good option for those who do not need to share applications or data between clouds.

Inthis way, it is possible to achieve more efficiency of applications and reduce costs.

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With management software, the operating system systematises all the different technologies that configure clouds and deploys the administration tools, making it possible to relay commands executed by the virtual server to the cloud.

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No more installing applications on computers. Access and execute different tools and files completely online.

Key benefits

Access control, identity management and access policies

Billing: singlebilling from multiple providers

Administration and provisioning of applications and virtual machines

Migration planning

Budget and expense management

Management reports

DevOps framework

Service catalogue management

Monitoring and panels


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Multi-cloud vs Hybrid Cloud


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