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BaaS - Banking as a Service, a new business model

In just a few years, the financial industry has been reinvented, and only a few organizations have kept up with this movement. But what about the others? They still can and must structure their own financial environment, allowing for flexible operations and resources.

In the SmartFinance journey, GWCloud allows the organization to structure its own bank, considering the infrastructure and its applications respecting business rules, best practices and market standards to serve its employees and third parties, such as suppliers and customers, and still deliver:

+1.000% of time
to market
+45% ROI increase
+85% growth in user engagement

Banking Engagement, even the most traditional can be loved and deliver the best experience.

Another step in our journey is to ensure that the new or current business models and ways of relating to consumers and financial institutions are exciting and make your organization the most loved by consumers.

In an exclusive partnership with the Backbase banking platform, banks can upgrade their traditional relationship and services to deliver customized and unique experiences according to each consumer's profile, with transparency about information and inclusion in the business environment.

User Experience Journeys in line with your business goals

Highly secure against data leakage and fraud

To be the most beloved bank


Open banking or even Open Financial System, is your organization ready for the openness of the financial market?

This is about customers being able to share their information between different institutions authorized by the Central Bank, as well as move their bank accounts from different platforms, not just the bank's app or website. All in a secure, agile, and convenient way.

There is a journey that allows you to navigate this opening, SmartFinance:

Creation and Integration of Financial Services

Ease of contracting and services in more secure and agile environments

Customized services according to the profile of each consumer

Create and improve business models

Improve the relationship with consumers

Having DevOps and FinOps Frameworks


The best partners to deliver value as a solution.

Key solutions from the world's leading manufacturers in cloud technology.


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